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Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections is a compilation of experiences from those who have been adopted

The authors asked adoptees of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences to share their personal adoption stories. Adoptees are the true leading experts on adoption. They discuss the joys of adoption and the challenges associated with living a lifetime of unanswered questions, leading to their past and identity.

As you read these stories, you might feel inspired and hopeful. You might even feel sad, frustrated, or angry. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from these stories?” While some of these stories are difficult to read, it is necessary that you not only hear them but also learn from them. Only then can we change the laws that, for decades, have denied us one simple right … the right to know who we are and, in turn, begin the healing that all adoptees deserve. This is a great resource for educators, mental health professional, adoptive parents, or those looking to adopt.

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