No one comes to the earth like grass.
We come like trees. We all have roots.~ Maya Angelou

RIA stands behind 3 things:


We advocate for openness between adoptive families and adoptees and equal rights for adoptees to have access to birth records, medical information, and their original birth certificates


Education is the most empowering tool you can have. The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will have when opening discussions of adoption in your home.


Healing begins with truth. We passionately believe adoptive children should always be told the truth regarding their adoption stories.

Our Book

Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections is a compilation of experiences from those who have been adopted. The authors asked adoptees of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences to share their personal adoption stories. Adoptees are the true leading experts on adoption. They discuss some of the joys and challenges associated with living a lifetime of unanswered questions leading to their past and identity. Jules Alvarado, internationally renowned public speaker, author, and Licensed Professional Counselor shares her insight on adoption related trauma.

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Veronica Breaux

In 2005 I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from The University of New Orleans and went on to graduate with a master’s degree in mental health counseling in 2013. Throughout my studies, I learned that none of my classmates and the majority of my professors understood or had much experience with adoption related trauma…

  • Domestic Adoption
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Psycho-Social Education
  • Writing
  • Public speaking

Shelby Kilgore

Adoption for me, personally, has been a life-long journey. Like most journey’s, you hit some roadblocks along the way. Adoption has colored my life in both positive and negative ways. In 2006, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from The University of Florida. I decided to use my education and experience of my own adoption to help other adoptees tell their stories…

  • International Adoption
  • Transracial Adoption
  • Teaching
  • Public speaking
  • Film editing
  • Writing
  • Photography


Rooted Conversations

What is a Rooted Conversation?

A Rooted Conversation is a 60 minutes consult with an adult adoptee. As adoptees, we can provide you with recommendations based on our own personal and professional expertise.
Rooted Conversations are $50 per 60 minutes.
All Rooted Conversations will include a free resource packet in pdf form.

Rooted Conversations are not considered
therapy. However, these individualized
conversations will include:

A one-on-one conversation
with a knowledgeable
adult adoptee.
Educational tools
personalized on your
current situation.
Understanding, empathy,
and compassion

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Educational materials
  • Finding an adoption competent counselor
  • Social media support
  • Birthdays
  • Search and reunion
  • Racial identity with transracial adoptees
  • Emotionally preparing to visit the adoptee’s birth country
  • and more

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Book Reviews

Lynelle Long

Founder InterCountry
Adoptee Voices

Well done! This book is a beautiful collection of a great mix of domestic and intercountry adoption experiences! It provides a great read for those wanting a broad overview of the experiences we live! I absolutely LOVED the foreword by Jules Alvardo! She has accurately portrayed the complexities that are adoption and does so with such eloquence! Thank you for sharing these voices and I hope this book reaches many who want to understand more the impact of relinquishment and adoption.

Rorri Geller-Mohamed

LCSW, Therapist and Parent
Coach, U Power Change

Rooted in Adoption is a great resource for adoptive families. Readers get an inside look of what it really feels like to be an adoptee. As a therapist, I think this a great book for parents of adoptees to read to better understand the variety of emotions, thoughts, and experiences that adoption can bring up and help parents to better connect and support their child. This is also a great opportunity for adoptees to see their feelings reflected and validated by others who have had similar experiences. If your family is connected to adoption in any way, this book is a must read.

Stephanie Young

Violinist & Managing Partner,
Fretless Music, LLC

Breaux and Kilgore have opened a precious portal to understanding for those of us who have little to no experience with adoption. We are met with children and adults of many ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds who were willing to share their thoughts, feelings, and personal accounts. While this is a must read for anyone considering adopting or fostering, I find it equally as important a read for any of us as every story is a reminder to be kind and compassionate to all.